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Built For Debate Teams

Add your entire team to utilize social features such as forums, leaderboards, and collaboration.

Automated Teaching

Built in grading, reporting, assignments and notifications for students.

Increase Wins

We make it possible to ensure all of your debaters know how to win from the very beginning!

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Being a great debater requires great foundations.

That’s why Debate Academy Online is developing world class courses designed to fully equip any student for competitive debate.

Launching Summer 2017

Powerful Community Forums

With both public forums and private group forums, you’ll be able to get your debate questions answered asap.

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The Team

Nick Locke

Educator and Coach

“My goal is to empower students and give them a foundation of knowledge to last their entire debate career. After debating competitively in high school and college, I knew that I had to continue my involvement in the activity. Since then, I have been teaching debate for almost a decade at a myriad of Chicago Public Schools. Debate Academy is about synthesizing my passion for the sport, my experience with diverse students, and my expertise as a high school English teacher to make debate knowledge universal and accessible to all students.”

John Connor

Web Strategist

“As a former CDL debate champion, coming from an underprivileged school, I experienced first hand how radical of an impact debate can have on a student’s life. I’ve been working on various community education projects for almost 10 years, from the Chicago Free Skool to founding a peer-to-peer education platform called I’m now working to utilize my successful experience in web strategy and community building to help bring a top tier debate education to any student looking to compete. “

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